gtg: a crash course


GTG: Behind the music

Ric "Rhino-Boy" Stehman (in the middle) decided he wanted to rekindle the magic that was created when he played bass guitar in The Swingin' Daddys with drummer Mike "Sgrigy" Sgrignoli (on the left) back in the 1990's.  And since he was already working with guitarist Mike "Hessington" Hess (right) in The Corn Wallace Band, he asked Hessy if he'd like to strum his acoustic and complete the trio.  

That's the short story.  For the loooog story, just attend a gig and get it straight from us.


What to Expect

A Go-To Guys show is literally never the same twice.  We kinda like that about this band.  You see, we're constantly tossing out new musical ideas and (to be quite candid) we tend to enjoy the look of disbelief on the faces in the crowd as we jump into a song that they recognize and love...but haven't heard in 30 years.  Tom Jones meets Pink Floyd?  You get the idea...

To give GTG an even more unique sound, Hessington plays acoustic guitar all night long while Sgrigy stands up and plays his NEW sparkly drums.   


What you'll hear

Right from the start, GTG decided that we wanted to perform the coolest songs that we all remembered...but we rarely (if ever) heard a band play.   So we've carefully compiled a repertoire of material from the 60's to the 80's (with an occasional dip into the 50's and 90's)  that's designed to have folks sit up, pay attention and get into it.  

Judging by the reaction of the crowds and those hangin' at the bar, we appear to be on the right track.  

We invite you to join us at our next musical recital. 

GTG LIVE: "baby don't get hooked on me"

GTG loves to grab a song and mess with it's head.  So here's our take on this Mac Davis gem.  

GTG promotional club posters

Let your customers know when GTG will be appearing!  It's easy.  Just print 'em, date 'em and hang 'em.  Can we make this any more turn-key for you?

Promo Poster ROUSSEAU (pdf)


Promo Poster GOTHIC (pdf)


Promo Poster HARING (pdf)